Early on, I have always been fascinated with the possibilities of transforming a given object or material from one state to another with the barest of means. I took pleasure as a child in hand-crafting my toys from scrap. This would later translate to wood carvings and two-dimensional mixed-media works. 

I must admit owing allegiance to the concerns of Picasso and Braque in treating reality as a springboard towards abstraction. As can be gleaned from my present works, there are traces of the everyday from the use of materials and graphic devices that hint at what is real, be it an anecdote or a commentary. Yet, I am able to explore its intended spontaneity through manipulation of tactile qualities and juxtaposition of elements. 

And while acknowledging these formal characteristics, my main impetus is my latent sensibility - of being rooted and integrated, rustic and cosmopolitan and emotional and cerebral at the same time.